Less Privileged...Highly Talented

It is the time of the year that I enjoy most. For me pottery is secondary here. I eagerly look forward to meet kids, see their creativity, and explore different out of box ideas. Yes, I'm talking about my summer camp with NGOs where i get to meet less privileged but extremely talented kids and I eagerly look forward to this event every year.
They teach me how to excel in minimal conditions. Who has time to crib for electricity cutoff, poor facilities, sweating when creativity is all over the mind ;)

This year too students amazed me with their thought process. With just 10 min demonstration, these kids picked up all the clues that are required to build their masterpiece. From Ganesha to Allah (786), Om symbol to Shivling, each student came out with their favorite creation. A picture says thousand words...so let these pics do rest of the talking. I clicked more than 100 pics but could upload only few...rest of the memories are well settled in my mind and soul ;)
Happy Claying!!


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