How to do Ganesha Visarjan at Home?

4" Clay Ganesha Idol Immersed in Water
The idea of writing this post is for the people who want to do Ganesh Visarjan but are unable to go to river or sea for Idol immersion. Visarjan can be done at home in an auspicious way.
But for this you need to ensure that your Ganpati Idol is eco-friendly, that is, it should be made with natural clay (water soluble). A clay idol may not be called 100% eco-friendly if it is painted with synthetic colours. You need to use natural colours like geru, haldi, rice paste, and so on. This will make a perfect eco-friendly Ganesha Idol.

Make sure you use clean bucket and fill it with clean water. Add few flowers. Below are the steps demonstrated as how the clay idol is immersed in water and then the water is poured in plants.

It takes approx 15 minutes to dissolve 4 to 5" Idol
Once the Idol is completely melted, pour the mud water in plants
Now, just consider..would you ever water your plants with synthetic paints or colours. Sometimes, I wonder why do people immerse POP Idols in rivers and sea...Why can't they take care of nature in similar way they take care of their plants.
I have written this post with only intention to keep our environment clean and healthy and not intended to hurt the sentiment of anyone.
Happy Ganesha Festival!!


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