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Gift Card for Special Occasion

If you looking for a unique gift ideas for your loved ones, then you have landed on the right page. Especially when it is for someone special. Surprise your loved ones by gifting them a Pottery Experience.  Be it a Birthday or an Anniversary or a Secret Santa, Pottery Workshop Gift Card can be a unique ideas which people of all age group would love. Our Pottery Workshop Gift Card can be gifted to children and adults. These cards have validity for 2 months and the gift recipient can avail it by making an advance booking with us.  In our 2 hour pottery workshop, participants shall be introduced to 2 methods of Pottery making - Handbuilding and Pottery Wheel. After a demo, participants can pick clay and try their hands on both the styles of pottery making. They shall be supervised by our Pottery Instructors and can also seek help if required.  After the workshop, participants can carry back their creations home and paint them after a week. To know ore, Call us at 9971968689  Claying Thoug

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