Creative Mom

See what's cooking in my studio for last two weeks apart from pottery classes. Meet Jayel...she is the mother of my student whom i met during summer classes. Jayel is a wonderful Homemaker, a Chartered Accountant by profession, and a Creative Soul by birth. And that's not all..,,she is also person with great heart. And yes, I am saying this because she volunteered to paint the logo on the entrance wall of my studio...yuhuuu. So, next time when you'll take stairs to my studio, you will see this big n beautiful logo welcoming you. Once again Thankyou so much Jayel for making this happen with no botheration of sultry summers :)

Jayel herself is a
creative person and experiment different art forms on her own as hobby. I'm really happy that my studio inspired her to unpack her color boxes and create some beautiful sketches and paintings while waiting for her daughter during pottery classes. I found it as the most creative way of utilizing the boring hours of waiting period. I have posted some of Jayel's work below. Now, the summer classes are over, but these creative memories gonna stay with me forever!!


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