Hi...my name is Pooja and Claying Thoughts is my small cosy pottery studio where I create and teach Pottery using handbuilding techniquesSome of you might be wondering as what is Handbuilt Pottery. Well, in simple words it means pottery that can be made with hand techniques without the use of potter's wheel or mould....simply using magical fingers, creative imagination, and a set of handbuilding pottery techniques :) 

The beauty of this pottery form is that you don't need big tools, molds or space to practice it. You can do it in any corner of your house with tools easily found in your kitchen or study :) 
My Journey so far.... 
It all started with a desire to do something creative, constructive, and something for myself during a short sabbatical from my 9 to 9 job. 
My search for a creative juncture brought me to Studio 78 where I met Mrs Meena Vohra, a renowned ceramic artist and studio potter. Meena mam made me fall in love with clay and I took up a foundation course with her to learn basics of both wheel and handbuilding pottery. Out of the two forms, I found handbuilding pottery really really interesting as it gave me the liberty to make interesting pottery forms anytime anywhere without using potter's wheel. All I needed was a lump of clay, a water bowl, a toothpick, and a sponge to make my pot. After completing the course, i decided to continue practicing pottery at home as the key to perfection was practice.

After exploring clay for couple of years and experimenting several handbuilding techniques and designs, I felt that my hobby had turned into a passion. I was keen to share my knowledge and experience with other pottery lovers. So, I decided to give myself a chance to live my dream. I quit my job and set up a small pottery studio on my terrace. Within few weeks, my studio started blooming with creative talents from different age groups. Today, I conduct regular pottery classes for young children and adults. I also organize clay modelling workshops for schools, summer camp, NGOs, and handbuilding pottery workshops for corporate employees and institutes!! 

Thanks for visiting my little pottery world!! 
Happy Claying :) 

Thanks for visiting my blog and showing love for clay. Happy Claying :)


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