How to make "Clay Slip"

What is Clay Slip?
For those, who are newbie to pottery, Clay Slip is a solution used for joining two clay pieces together. It's works like an adhesive .....similarly like we use glue to stick paper or cloth or other material. So if you are working with wet clay, then clay slip is the best and the only medium to join clay pieces together.  

How Clay Slip looks like?
If you have seen a potter working on a wheel, then you must have observed the liquid clay that drips out of potter hand....this is nothing but diluted form of clay and known as clay shown in the first picture above. So if you are working on potter's wheel, then clay slip is naturally formed. This clay slip can be collected in an air tight box and can be stored for days to be later used for joining handles to cups or doing some other decoration art on clay pots.

How to make Clay Slip if we are not working on Potter's wheel?
Potters or Ceramic Artists who practice handbuilding pottery makes clay slip in their studio. You can also make clay slip using few simple steps:
  • Take a jar and soak a lump of clay in water overnight. Make sure clay is completely soaked in the water. Add extra water to ensure that clay settles down completely.
  • Next day you will see clay is being settled down and clear water is floating on the top.
  • Drain out the excess water, and make a smooth paste of mud using your hands like we make a batter for cake. Make sure that there should not be any lump left in the paste.
  • Alternately, you can also use a mixer or hand blender to make a smooth paste. Your clay slip is ready.
  • Store it in an air tight box and use it for days. Keep adding water if you find your slip getting thicker.
Hope you find this tip interesting and useful.....Enjoy your pottery and Happy Claying!!


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