Ganesha Idol

Every time I start writing my blog post, I feel  the same level of excitement like i had when i first wrote my  blog post to showcase my debut pottery creation. The reason may be that I always try experimenting something new and test my limits!! Sometimes I get success n sometimes I just spoil Clay, hands, studio, tools...just everything.
Well, Success....I post on blog and failures...hmmm... I keep them to myself sshhhh :-) This time I did what I had been wanting to do. I created a kind of sculpture...hmm well "Idol" would be the right word....An Indian Idol :-)

I created Ganesha Idol using Pinch technique. It is made of terracotta clay and can be used as an Eco friendly Ganesha. Since, I wanted to bisque fire this idol...I kept it hollow from inside...else the piece could burst during firing. I did not use any mold to make this shape...its purely hand building!! By grace of God, it has really come up well!! Here are few poses of My Friend Ganesha:>
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!! (belated)

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