Face Masks

Handmade Ceramic Tribal Mask
Tribal Clay Mask
Face Mask is an advance form of slab building technique. You can experiment a lot with this technique. The important point to remember is proportion and placement of facial features. The best part is unlike sketching or painting, there is no limitation as how you sculpt the facial features. For tribal mask, you can do lot of variations and experiments. You can make it look funny, weird, scary, happy....just with a twist of clay!!

We do not encourage molds to create mask...we use purely handbuilding technique. Molds do give that perfect look of facial features like you see at roadside potter's stall. But handbuilding allows ceramic artist to experiment lot of things rather than just being guided by predefined mold shape.

I personally love Sri Lankan masks. They look dynamic and colourful and are primarily made on wood. Apart from this, African masks are also quite popular among art lovers. Some of my students experimented making terracotta face mask. Pics are displayed below. Happy Masking!!

Example of Sri Lankan Masks

Pottery Face Mask by students at Claying Thoughts
Funny Mask by Aarav (10 years young lad)

Mask by Shilpa (College Student)
Tribal Mask by Tanvi (Amazingly Talented: Student I would love to learn from )

Mask by Katyayini (Chirpy student of 8 years age)
Mask by Pooja (Working Professional n SuperMom)

Mask by Anushka (lovely n talented girl of 10 years age)


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