Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi fever has started gripping the country. And of course it is gripping me too. This year, I have also started the preparations for clay Ganesha idols much in advance. Last year, there were plenty of inquiries for buying clay Ganesha from people across Delhi NCR and various other parts of the country including overseas :)
So, this year we have opened the bookings for ecofriendly clay Ganesha much in advance. We create each piece with lot of love and do not use molds as we do not believe in factory mode. This is the reason we make exclusive Ganesha idols. Here are couple of Ganesha sculpted in the past. Looking forward to creating bigger and even better idols.

Like last year, we are also organizing eco-friendly Ganesha Idol workshop for people who wish to learn sculpting basic ganesha sculpture with their own hands. The Ganpati idol making workshop will be organized in studio, schools, colleges, corporate offices, community center, and events. We use wet terrracotta clay that is natural and can be easily dissolved in the water upon immersion.

Devotees can perform ganesh visarjan at home as well in a clean bucket full of water. Read our previous blogpost on same to see the steps to do visarjan at home.

Happy Festivities

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