Paint Your Own Pottery: Clay Projects by Saai and Ruhaan

This post is purely to showcase the clay projects created by two bright students who are siblings as well - Saai and Ruhaan. Both the kids have natural inclination for clay art and zeal to learn new techniques. Its wonderful to see their love for pottery growing over the years. Recently, their mom shared the pics of painted clay pieces that kids created during the course. It was absolutely heartwarming to see the the final result. Pics are displayed below. Thankyou Monika for this wonderful gift. Im certainly going to cherish it for life...Happy Claying :)
Handpainted Mask
Terracotta wall Mask - The center piece is a wall planter (pocket vase)

Handpainted Pottery

Clay Monster
pottery classes for kids

Clay Dragon

Clay Modelling Classes for Children
Kids having fun with mud


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