Family Nameplate for Home

Terracotta Nameplate
Family Nameplate with Hangings
There was a spark in my eye when i opened the kiln and found this nameplate intact and safe. I made this nameplate with lot of love in my heart....seeing the bonding and love of this sweet family. I wanted to use a happy font so each alphabet is handcarved without the use of any stencil or mold. The little terracotta charms hanging at the bottom of nameplate are again handmade. I did not want to use the big hangings like i earlier use in my nameplate. All I wanted is to add  something small and cute that could make a jingling sound when they move and touch each other. So i decided to handcut a series of irregular shapes from a slab of clay. I was quite excited to check the installation,,,so we clicked the pics even before painting. so this one has to undergo final step with paints and brushes....till then Happy Claying!!

Terracotta Nameplate

Handmade nameplate
Unfired Clay Nameplate

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