Free Summer Camp in Noida

Free Free Free!! These three words are rare to read these days and that too for a summer camp. Even i was surprised when i first got to know about this camp through a hand painted banner in our sector 21 Noida  park.

This was a camp for children of sector 21 residents and under privileged children residing near sector 21. The highlighting and the most interesting part of this camp was that it was organised by an 80 year old (Im sorry) 80 years young beautiful charming lady Mrs Maggu. Young because today's generation (including me) can not even think of initiating such activity. Her motivation behind this camp was to teach different craft activities to kids and give them a chance to explore outdoor activities which is a rare sight these days. This determination of Mrs Maggu pulled several volunteers to help her in this wonderful camp. Most of these volunteers were moms of the kids participating in the camp. .... Do read the highlights of the camp, I have listed them below :)

Beneficial Summer Camp

The Venue: Most of the summer camps are organised in air conditioned classrooms. But this one was an exception. It was organised at a small park space next to Sector 21 A block main park. this gave a chance to kids to get exposure to clean environment, sit on grass, use garden mitti, and learn making different craft activities.

Timings: Since it was an outdoor summer camp, the timings were smartly kept from 830 to 1030am.

Snacks: It was a wonderful idea..Mommies or Volunteers had to bring in some snacks for all kids. Each mom was assigned a day to get the snack. ..Maggu aunty specializes in making Dhokla (she even makes it on order). In the picture above, she is holding a bowl full of moong pakora made by her (even i got a chance to taste a yummy pakora)

Fees: Trust me, this camp was absolutely free for underprivileged children and only 100 Rs was charged from the children of residents of Sector 21 and Sector 25 as maintenance charges for garden (which is absolutely nothing for one month long summer camp).

Activities: There were multitude of activities being taught to children. Some of the highlights were bags made of plastic milk pouches, Table organizers with discarded cardboard boxes, wind chimes with beverage tin can, bottle gardening, ribbon basket using disposable bowls, sheep with plastic bottles, lots and lots of other things.

Prize Distribution: On the last day, all the craft material was displayed at Jalvayu Vihar Community Center (JVCC) hall and best creations were awarded. Talent show was  also organised and medals were distributed to all the participants.

I am so proud to witness a summer camp like this which is rarest to find. It was special as it opened doors to all children irrespective of their family, income, and education background. All children got an opportunity to get mixed with each other, it gave exposure of outdoor learning to children which is rare sight in today's air conditioned world, and the most wonderful thing was that talented moms had opportunity to volunteer and showcase their talents. I captured few moments from this take a look!! :)
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