Scribbling with Coils

Hi there!! Its been soooooo long since i scribbled something on my own with hands been itching to create something new and different and finally it happened during a class.
I have been planning to write couple of posts on my experience with NGO, free summer camps and lot more...but all those posts been waiting in my draft folders....for final language edits but I couldn't wait to post this new creation of mine!!

I started working on this piece with no design in my mind. Its just happened that after teaching mask making technique to students, i rolled a slab and started scribbling my ideas through coil and came out with this new creation. Now, Im quite tempted to make a wall mural using different design on similar pattern ...Happy Claying!!


  1. Pooja, this post is from 9th July. Has nothing happened in last one month?

  2. Opps.. I posted my last comment as Unknown.

    1. Lot of things are happening in studio....but its just that I'm not blogging them regularly...but I do post pics on my FB like page


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