Are we promoting corruption?

Yes...atleast i did!!
This post is not about any netaji or babu. Its about a simple auto rickshaw wala.

It started with my search for an auto rickshaw to a nearest metro station, which was hardly 1 Km away. Since the distance was short, autowalas were demanding relatively high prices and none of them was ready to go by meter. I left three autos in this price war and cursed them silently (and politely) for being so rude. Finally, i decided to shed my ego and made up my mind to give them whatever money they ask for as i was in real hurry. There I waved my hand and stopped an autowala......."Bhaiyya...Tilak nagar metro starion chaloge....Kitna logey"....and to my surprise he just nodded his head and pulled down the meter!!

Yippeee......was what i could hear in my head!! finally i much will i save...this guy is cool...try n try till you succeed...all these thoughts were bungee jumping in my head and i reached my destination in few minutes...meter reading was just 25 bugs!! i paid and rushed to catch my metro!!

Suddenly, a thought struck my mind. Why didn't i appreciate that autowala for his honesty...for doing what is right...which is a rare sight these days (infact rare species to find)!!

Here i promoted corruption!!

Why????......well did i appreciate him for his honesty...did i gave him any reward...atleast i could have given him a "Frooty" i was carrying in my bag!! I felt realllllly bad!! I am sure if that guy would have asked 60 bugs, i would have criticized him for being unreasonable!! So why didn't I spared 5 seconds to appreciate him. In a way, if i have not appreciated him for being honest...I have promoted corruption!!

In past, we debated so much around making video of corrupt people and expose them...but what about making video of honest people...or do we appreciate them or recognize them!! just wondering :)

Well...its never too late!! Atleast, I will make a point of appreciating people around me who do their job honestly....just the right way!!

Happy Learning for me!!


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