Terracotta Ganesha Idol Making Workshop

Here is a glimpe of Ganesha Idols made by students at a "Ganesha Idol" sculpting workshop. Kids wanted to make Ganpati with a "Dholak" and adults wanted to make a Ganesha with a "modak". Overall a new learning experience for me. Lot of workshops been booked for March...so many more Ganesha sculpture to be conceived at Claying Thoughts.

To make a Ganesha idol, you don't need to be a creative person. All you need is love for your God Ganesha, rest we will guide you ;)
To book a workshop, contact us at +91 9971968689 or mail at clayingthoughts@gmail.com

Ganesha Idol by Resham, Ronit, and Nikita

Ganesha idol by Ruhaan, Miraya, and Ana

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