Pottery Classes and Clay Modelling for Summer Camp

Clay Modelling Workshop for Kids at Summer Camp in Noida
Winters are not yet over and the booking for summer camp are in full swing at Claying Thoughts. In last two weeks, i have got couple of queries from parents, schools, corporate, and institutes for organizing clay modelling workshop for summer camp. I'm not just thrilled but excited that schools and parents want earthy connections for their children. Clay Modelling seems to be the top favorite for summer camps. Children love to explore, squeeze, shape and reshape clay and create a meaningful object using a small lump of clay. All they need is little guidance and hand holding and they create their masterpiece within few minutes. Clay not only helps them to turn their visualization into reality but also help them improve their fine motor skills.

Apart from young children, teenagers and adults also wants to try their hands in wet terracotta clay and make their first pot. But very few of them are aware that pottery can be made with handbuilding techniques without the use of wheel or molds. With few simple tricks and tools one can create tiles, coasters, vases, flowers, small pots, bowls, masks, wind chimes, lamps...All they need is a small work space to mold their ideas into reality!!

Ganesha Idol Workshop for Adults

Handbuilding Pottery for Young Children and Adults


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