Ceramic Photo Frame cum Wind Chime : Part I

Coincidentally, I've been creating dual-purpose ceramic craft. Earlier, when I was creating a coil vase I added a space to put a bulb and made it a vase cum lamp shade. This time also I started creating a ceramic photo frame for kids and eventually made a photo frame cum wind chime. I've added few holes at the bottom side of the frame from where strings can be passed and different ceramic shapes like tortoize, fish, bird, crescent, butterfly, etc can be hanged.

I've also decorated the back side of the frame with stars. This way if the frame is hanged from the top then both the sides will look attractive.

I've created this beautiful piece for my little angel's room and I'm sure she will adore different shapes that will hang through this frame. I'm yet to create the shapes and will soon post it on this blog. Till then...
Happy Claying!!

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