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In the mid of claying thoughts, let me take the opportunity to share some creative moments I enjoyed last Saturday. This blog is not just about pottery. It’s also about creativity and creative thinking in any sphere of life. So, today I’m scribbling down few creative junctures that I came across in a day and some creative thoughts behind same.

Last Saturday, we went to a B’day party of my friend’s daughter and the party was organised on rooftop terrace. As we all know, Delhi weather is usually hot and humid in the month of May. And in this sultry weather.... you end up sweating and cursing mosquitoes esp in an open party. I was also expecting the same till I opened the entrance door of the terrace. To my (and everyone’s) surprise the party venue was extremely pleasant. Inspite of warm weather there was no sign of sweating and uncomfortableness. Desert Coolers were installed near Cocktail table and dim terrace lights stole all brownie points. Drinks were lavish, food was awesome (chinese), music was fantastic and gathering was supreme - with some HOT n COOL people around :) It was a well organised and perfectly planned party that made it more enjoyable. The party hangover is still not over. So, let me get back to what I was intending to write...my creative junctures BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the party.

Before the PartyMy first creative juncture was packaging of birthday gift. I bought couple of tunics but didn't want to present them in a simple paper bag. I wanted to pack them in a different style. A birthday gift should look like a B’day gift. Finally, I managed to come up with a creative idea. Take a look at the packaging!! And don’t miss the smiley I pasted near the knot.

During the PartyMy next creative juncture was the entrance door of the terrace where the party was organized. My friend's mother painted the old scrappy door beautifully specially for this occasion to give us a colourful and freshia welcome. On one side she painted a spring scene and on the other side a sunset beauty. And let me tell you her age (Sorry aunty for sharing that). She is in her early 70s. And she painted the door in couple of hours. That's purely her love for creativity. See below pics and you will surely praise it. She didn't use any pencil to make initial outline and the result was straight from her heart...i mean paint brush.

My next creative sight was the cake decoration. The cake was based on a jungle theme and the little animals, trees, and rocks were decorated beautifully on top of the cake similarly like I mould the clay in hand-building techniques. The reason why I found this cake design so attractive because I (usually) don’t go or get invitation to kid’s birthday party. And hardly get the opportunity to see what's the LATEST in market. So for me its different.

The party continued till 4 in the morning and we had no option but to stay at my friend's place. But guys...Chaar (4) bazz gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai..... this song perfectly synch with my next “situ” (situation).

Creatively FunnyI got this short form “situ” from a recent article in Delhi times. SRK’s latest movie Always Kabhi kabhi is ab’t youngsters and they have used this acronym “Undi the Condi of d Situ” means “Understand the Condition of the Situation" :) But SRK wanted to exclude the word “Condi” as in Tamil “Kundi” means “Butt” (Beware of short forms).After the PartyNow the final creative juncture.... Someone was ready with a lavish breakfast at home. You got it!! We returned home at 8 in the morning and my mom (My MIL) was ready with her South Indian menu (16 idlis and unlimited Dossaass).
JFI (Just for Info) My MIL is an excellent cook and she loves cooking even at this age and I will surely not reveal her age else she will screw me for this.
Though I was not in mood to eat anything at that time, but couldn’t resist myself. So instead of retiring to bed, I got myself ready for the party finale and enjoyed my breakfast..thanks Saassuuu maa.

Hope you also enjoyed these different creative junctures. Chow Cheee for now!! :)


  1. Well, I enjoyed this write-up thoroughly!!!
    Best was the 2-sided magnificient door !Aunty..u r gr8!
    n bhabhi...u r CREATIVELY gr8!!!

  2. Thanks Appeee...U've given it right title...
    "2-sided Magnificient Door". And somewhere this door and mummy's idli inspired me to rite dis post. Creative Senior Citizen!!

  3. hey poo, lovely post! tht door artwork is so damn cool...hats off to the painter! n ofcourse, the idliiz are yummieez...m hungry already :)

    love n hugs

  4. Very well-described experience, Poo! It sure must have been a wonderful party!

  5. hey, thanks for all the appreciation.... my mom is thrilled to paint some walls now...
    Also you have described the entire day beautifully...Keep it up!!!!!!!!!Shabz

  6. Thx thx thx...
    An..yes art work was certainly amazing and just got the news that d artist (my friend's mother) is planning to paint the walls too...:) Waiting 4 next party!!

    Jammy Jaan...Mrs fear factor...party was rocking and hope you liked me writing style. Do lemme know if any improvement required Ms Editor.

    Shabzzz...Your mom truly deserve this appreciation n good to hear dat she z planning to rejuvenate your studio wall.



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