Shaping White Clay

Here are some more clay pieces that I made during my pottery course.
These pieces are made from stoneware clay. Originally, the colour of this clay is grey. But when we BISQUE fire it at 850 degree celsius in kiln, it turns out as white. On the other hand, terracotta clay is little brownish in colour and when we fire it, the colour turns to Brickish Orange (or reddish orange). Terracotta clay gives a natural feel of pottery and is mostly used for garden and outdoor decoration.

On the other hand, white clay is often used for making decorative items as the colour/glaze really comes out well on them. Right now I don't feel like adding any colour over white clay pieces that I’ve made as they look beautiful as is...But, I would certainly paint the wind chime that I’ve made for kids room because this piece needs to be vibrant, colourful, and chirpy. I still need to learn the colouring and glazing stuff but before that I need to practice a lot on making variety of shapes and designs.
Hope you will like this collection.

Wind Chime : A piece of cloud with different shapes dangling below it - a doll, butterfly, smiley, twinkling star and a chanda mama. I'm not sure if this wind chime would give a tinkling sound as these pieces are quite thick and sound may not be that crisp. But, this wind chime is really close to my heart.

Oil Lamp: You can place a Camphor pieces or add some fragrance oil on top and place a burning diya from the back opening. Diya light will be visible from the small holes.

Coil Pot: This one is the first clay piece that i made at the studio. I was quite worried about the uneveness of the coils but aunty (my teacher) insisted to enjoy the work as the beauty of hand technique is its natural look.


  1. Hi
    Love the shape of your oil lamps!

  2. Thanks Rowen..this has really boosted my confidence!!

  3. Very interesting ...n lovely pieces there !!
    Keep up the good Work !!!

  4. Good Pooja...I like all..
    Please add some colors...I would like to have one colored wind chime :-)

  5. Hey Aparna n Arpita...thanks a ton for your lovely compliments.

  6. hey poo, these are soooo prettttyyyy, keep up with the clay, you got a thing with it...will check 'em out when you invite me for idliiis....ciao

  7. Hey An...good to hear from another budding potter :)
    Invitation for idlisss is open but how about White clay idlisss ;)
    love Pooh

  8. Waah Poo..chaa gayi tum toh...good work dude...keep it up! I'm so proud of u!

  9. Hey Jammy...was eagerly waiting for your comments!! Thanks a million ton Darrrlinggg!!

  10. this is mindblowing..... the oil lamp is beautifully amazing.... i need to order one....

    The wind chime pieces have come out very neat...

    Great Goinnnnn.......

  11. Anonymous comment ....Is it you Shabzz?? Please either write your name or login with your google ID..Anyways thanks a lot for your appreciation :)


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