Journey of a Slab Vase

Here is another project that I have recently completed in my studio. In this clay proect, a slab of clay is turned into a beautiful vase cum tealight decor.

Here is the definition of "Slab Vase" for those who are not conversant with the term. Slab vase is made by rolling a ball of clay into a flat bread (roti) like pizza base.

Once, the slab of clay is ready, it is carefully handcut into a rectangular shape. Then, the rectangular shape is rolled into a cylinder shape by joining the two ends. Once the ends are joined, a base is added to the cylinder shaped pot. Once, your pot is ready, you can press, bend, shape the pot the way you want or leave it as is like a cylinder.

This handbuilding pottery method allows you to quickly make a cylinder shaped pot without the use of potter's wheel. The other method is coil technique. Once you have shaped the pot, you can draw designs, carve our different shapes, or add clay pieces like flowers, hearts, leaves, etc to give 3D designs. This is one of my favorite handbuilding technique which gives fastest results and lot of scope for experiment. 

Keep trying..keep claying..Happy Claying :)

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