Hobby Classes to Learn Pottery

Catch a glimpse of Pottery Classes and Workshops happening at our clay studio for teenagers and adults. Here students learn the art of making pottery using Hand building techniques. We do not use moulds and machines. Our ideas is to make you independent enough to pursue this art anytime anywhere without depending on advance tools and machines. 

During the course, students learn the process of preparing terracotta clay, understand the nature of clay, how it behaves, how to smoothen, pamper, and shape clay in a right way. We teach various handbuilding pottery making and surface decoration techniques to students and guide them in creating independent clay projects using their own visual thoughts.

Lot of people inquire if we use ceramic powder or Lamasa clay. The answer is  NO. We teach real pottery...the one our potters make. The only exception is we do not teach wheel work...we teach handbuilding pottery, which helps you making tiles, wall hanging, Masks, tealight lamps, vases, pen holders, flowers and lots more!! Visit our STUDENTS' WORK section for a glimpse of clay work we teach.
Our course is designed in such a way that both creative and non creative people can learn this art and easily pursue it as a hobby. The regular handbuilding pottery classes are open for teenagers and women of all age group. For students, who are not sure if this is the right course for them or not, can take up our one day workshop and can later club it with our regular classes if they decide to take up the full course. Our studio is located in Sector 21 Noida and the nearest metro station is just 2.5 km away (Sector 16 Noida). 

For complete course details, we would request you to call us or take a prior appointment to visit our studio. We would love to explain you about different courses and help you understand this art in more detail.
Happy Claying :)

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