Clay Sculpture Projects for School

2d sculpture
Clay is more than a child's play. Today schools, colleges, and institutes are also incorporating clay modelling and sculpture as one of the subject in their semesters. Be it an Engineering student, or an architecture or interior designing student or someone learning fashion or accessory designing; everyone needs a medium to express their creativity. And clay is the best medium for converting ideas into 3-D form. At school level, children appearing for their XII class exams also have clay modelling and sculpting as one of their compulsory subjects for board exams.

Sculpture project for colleges

Clay Project for Architect Student

Sculpture Classes for Designing Students

Abstract Clay Art

With clay, students can make a simple wall art, human figure, animals, pen holder, car models, building structure, house, desk organizer, shoes, accessories or any utility item like pen holder. In the recent past, we have been getting students from college and school who are attending workshops for creating clay sculpture for their final clay project submission. These are comprehensive workshops and students are able to complete their clay projects in few classes.

Sculpture Project for Fashion Designing Students
Its always fun to create clay pieces with own hands. But sometimes, when school and college students lack time, they can even outsource the work to us. We have a pool of pottery students who would love to help and create a clay project. For more details, please call or write to us at
Clay Modelling Workshop for Engineering Students

Clay Model Project for Interior Designing Students
Clay Square box
Square box

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