Eco Friendly Bisque Firing

What a start of a New Year....a bunch of fun loving, creative, and chirpy aspiring potters ganged together at Claying Thoughts for a BIG BIG bisque firing session. And this time we had a variety from all age groups and professions starting from our youngest potter Miraya, software engineers, architect, tarot card reader, creative homemaker, yoga instructor, jewelry designer.....pheww. And all of us were stringed together by our very own chullbulli Meena mam.

This was the most beautiful, biggest, and successful firing session i ever participated in. All thanks to mam for making it so special. The entire process of setting up firing took almost two to three hours...followed by yummylicious potluck. Unfortunately we were sooo hungry after hours of hard work that we forgot to click pics of yummy food. The bhatti was opened after 24 hours and this time i captured night shots of Bhatti to get a glimpse of beautiful burning lava inside bhatti. All thanks to my hubby who accompanied me to terrace at midnight (in freezing cold weather) to take those special pics of deep inside view of Bhatti. Here are few pics of D day...Looking forward to ganging up again!!
Happy Claying!!
Unfired Stoneware and Terracotta Work by Potters

Meena mam opening bhatti

This is how bhatti looks after 12 - 14 could see burning lava inside through big holes

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