Pottery Workshop at Prakriti, Noida

It was my first Pottery workshop with toddlers and preschoolers @ Prakriti in Noida. It was an entirely creative experience for me...as a teacher I learned a lot from the little monsters and cuties and as a future parent I found an amazing place for my kids to grow.

First let me tell you about this little kingdom "Prakriti". This place truly matches with its name. Its a play school cum activity center for kids in Noida. I salute the creative mind behind the conceptualization of this place. The place was natural from all aspects...be its furniture, surrounding, garden, accessories, fresh air, play area...everything looked so natural...unlike plastic look which most of the play school showcase these days....(which some of the Mothers take pride in :)

Well, the purpose of my meeting with the school principal was solely for the Pottery Workshop but I fell for this place and looking forward for my kids to grow so that I could enroll them here!!

My learning experience as a potter was amazing. It was more like a ragging session for me...there were approx 8 kids of different age groups starting from 2.5 years to 6 years. I had to teach them making clay rabbit as "Rabbit" was the theme for that particular week at Prakriti. Now, imagine the kind of inquisitiveness and confidence these children showcased that day. Few were quick, few were destructive, few were quite slow, few were extremely creative. This mixture of creative minds was superamazing. The final outcome was even more interesting. Few wanted to make a standing rabbit, few wanted to make a sleeping rabbit. Overall it was a creative day for me!!

Am hoping to conduct more workshops like this in future. till then...
Happy Claying!!

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