Handmade Ceramic Coil Globe

Ceramic Coil Globe..a contemporary art piece for indoors and outdoors!!

This ceramic globe is made of floating coils. The challenge was to keep the coils intact and join them without any support.The coils tend to sag or crack when they are not stacked on top of each other. But, at last I managed to complete this piece. Now, I'm more confident and will be able to handle floating coils comfortably.

This ceramic piece can be used both for indoor and outdoor. It can be hanged, or can be decorated as tableware. It can be used as an art piece or as a lamp. I even tried it as a stand for my painting brushes. It was indeed a happy learning experience for me, till then...Happy Coiling!!

This coil globe is now successfully fired and have come out really beautiful...take alook!!
Handbuilding Pottery Coil Technique


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