Pottery Workshop for Corporate Events

What a Day!! A day full of enthusiasm, rain, pleasant weather, cheerful people, and pottery!! What else one could ask for on a weekday. It was a day out for Airbnb Team India. They wanted to align the pottery making workshop with the launch of their core values. I found the thought behind this workshop quite interesting and creative. The pottery workshop was conducted by Meena mam at her Studio 78 and once again I got the opportunity to help her around in managing 15 pottery toddlers :)

The best part about any pottery workshop is that each participant gets enthusiastic like a kid who always wanted to play with mitti but was often scolded by their parents. This workshop gave a chance to everyone to play with clay apart from learning a new skill set.

Pottery Workshop for Team Building and Fun Activity of employees
Team Building Activity for Employees

Pottery also works as a THERAPY. In today's competitive world, we often suffer from "Thought Overload". That means we tend to keep several things in our mind while doing our current task. This overload often spoil our performance in the current task and makes us more stressful. I found pottery really meditative and stress relieving. We tend to forget every other thought in our mind while working with clay and get completely focused. And that's the beauty of Pottery :) The whole idea is that we tend to become stress free if we start enjoying what we do...be it a Pottery or playing around with our tabloid!!

Overall a great day!!
Happy Claying!!


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