True Colours of FRAAANDSHIP

After Grand Upla Firing, it was time to colour the baked pottery pieces. My choice with colours had never been very good...So, last week I stole out some time for myself and decided to go out on my first date with different shades of colours.
I went to my friend’s house to take colouring lessons. Well...honestly speaking...more than learning I wanted her to colour my favorite pottery piece “Photo Frame cum Wind Chime” as I didn’t want to spoil the piece with my weird choice of colours. Her choice of colours is wonderful. Overall, we painted 10 small pieces. Since, it was a very short trip I had to give them final outline and varnish them at my house. It was great fun, learning experience, and a much needed break from my normal routine.

I also want to use this space to express my heartfelt THANKS to my dear friend who inspite of going through her life's tough phase cheerfully let me enjoy my first date with colours…and datz the true colour of Fraaandship....thanks Shbz. Wish you bestest of best in life.. GOD BLESS U!!

Enjoy the pictures…Happy Claying!!

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