Grand Upla Firing (Bhatti)

It was a sunny winter afternoon when we (aspiring and talented potters) got together for bisque firing our pottery pieces. We built Upla bhatti (dried cow dung cakes) under the guidence of Meena mam.

It was a very important day for us as we had to bisque fire our month(s) long hard work. We had made large number of pieces. It took us two hours to complete the entire process including last minute arrangement for more uplas...thanks to Jas and Veena. Upla bhatti looked fabulous and the output was fantastic. There was only 20% breakage and rest was success. Overall it was a great fun and learning experience!! I'm looking forward to more such grand day, till then....
Happy Claying!!

Potter's Work

Ready for fire!!

 Group of aspiring potters

This is how Upla Firing looks when we first create it!!

 This is how bhatti looks after 3 hours...You could see red angaar inside..This looks awesome!!

Bisqued terrecotta pieces (After Firing)


  1. Great Work........good to look at !!!!Shabzzzzzzzz

    1. Thx Shabbi..your wheel work was commendable too!!

  2. hey poo!!!! m missing all this it absolutely....muah!!

    1. Yes was absolutely fun making this bhatti...n my favorite is when we dig out pieces from upla ash next day in the looks absolutely beautiful!!

      I'll ensure dat next time you will be the part of this grand bhatti...will organise it on weekend:))


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