Pottery Workshop with Doodlers

Oh....the hangover is not yet over. Its more that 24hrs since i attended the event and i'm still in the world of doodlers. You must be wondering what's Doodler?
Doodlers are the ones who creatively play around with google logo. They make a logo more interesting and informative...(Googlejee pls forgive me if i've interpreted Doodlers incorrectly). This is what I found when I attended "Doodle 4 Google" 2011 event at Grand. The event was awsome. The backdrops were amazing and it was a well organized event. Click this link to read about the champion doodlers.

Well, I was not the doodler there but went to this event for a pottery workshop with Meena mam. She was invited to conduct a pottery workshop for doodlers in this event. This was the first time I assisted her in a pottery workshop like this. We had to teach a handbuilding technique to children. The workshop went well and children made some fantasitic pieces. Since the day when I was told about this workshop, I had been excited and preparing for same. I created some small pinch pots to be displayed at the workshop. Here they are. (P.S:The fish in top left is not my creation)

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