Clay in Progress

Here are some new pieces that I'm currently working on!!

Tea Coasters and Oil Burner (Tortoize)

You can see the front and bottom view of oil burner. In this design, I've carved out the hole for placing candle at the bottom . I've also shaped the top bow differently where you can fill water and oil. In my last design of oil burner (see my post on "Shaping White Clay"), i used coils to form top bow. this time i've pressed it down. This i had learnt in my class.
My Confession: It would be little difficult to lit the candle in this Oil Burner, but not very difficult for pottery lovers :) Use a thin (b'day Candle) to lit the tea-light from the small holes on sides.

Tortoize-shaped Oil Burner (Or diffuser)
Top and Bottom view

I'm also working on the flower vase, but little sceptical whether it will survive after bisque firing as the slab is quite thick. I've made one see through hole at the center, which will protect it from breaking. Let's cross the finger.
This clay piece can be used as a flower vase or a lamp shade. I'm through with the shape of this clay piece, but need to work on the decoration part. I'm getting lot of decoration ideas for this Vase but will choose most feasible and attractive one. I can do coiling over it, or decorate with clay flowers and leaves or cut out some geometrical design!! Will soon post whatever best I could do!! Do share your ideas if something new comes to your mind!!

Chee Chow for now!!
Update: 13 June
Today, I'm through with the designing part of the slab vase or lamp shade, whichever way you want to use. I've added a symbol of rising sun and added some texture . See the pics below. My learning during this practice session was that texturing should not be done on the day you create the clay piece. I did it after 2 days and result was quite satisfactory. All i did was covered the piece with plastic and a cloth to enusre that it remains moist and should be dried immediately. All thanks to Mam who keeps giving these useful tips.


  1. poo dear...clay is evolving in your hands and you are evolving with clay :) teach me some hand techniques whn I come...n yup...m expecting tea coasters for this diwali gift :D i will make you some soup bowls, wht say?

  2. Hey An....thanks for such creative comment. That's a super great idea. We'll start barter system in pottery....but i need a glazed bowl :) hope you will be able to do it by diwali (only if you regularly go to your pottery classes)

  3. Super effort Pooja !!!!!!
    love meena

  4. Thankyouuuuu so much Mam' appreciation much awaited for!!


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