Last Session

Finally, all my clay pieces are fired and have come out really well. My pottery course is over and I will miss working in Studio 78.......Rushing for classes in the cold weather of January, wedging (preparing) clay, working on wheel, sipping black tea with hands drenched in clay slip and mind mesmerized in shaping it. I will miss every thing :(
I want to thank my Guru, Mam, Aunty... "Mrs Meena Vohra" a lot!! She is a wonderful human being, a great teacher, stupendous artist with great sense of color and decoration.
Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aunty for making it such a lovely learning experience for me...this course made me more patient, disciplined, and organized. Your “Never Get Tired” attitude and love for work at this age infuses lot of positivity in me and drives me to do my BEST. Here are few pictures of final day we fired clay pieces and the final output after firing....Ofcourse, not all of these are my creation, especially the one on the right.


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