Flourishing Flora - "The Upvan"

"Upvan" is what we have named our first pottery project. This masterpiece is a collection of terracotta flowers, buds, and leaves. It looks beautiful, vibrant, and awsome.
Vohra aunty gave the golden opportuity to me and my course mate to assist her in this project. The project was to create variety of terrecotta lotus flowers, leaves, buds and arranging them in a pot. It was quite challenging as our client wants to keep these pots in the entrance garden. That means these terracotta flowers needs to be beautiful, yet sturdy (shouldn't get affected by rain, dust, and sunlight). Each of these terracotta flowers weight between 100 gms to 400 gms and fixing each of these flowers in a pot was a real challenge. :) GREAT SHOW!!


  1. hey poo, the work is mind blowing, very beautiful! the way you have arranged it, the buds, the leaves and the full blown lilies, really great! anita

  2. Thanks dear, yes certainly the arrangement was mind blowing...it was great team work and today i got given paid for it...My first earning from Pottery....YAhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :)


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