First look

Finally... i've made some clay pieces that i can flaunt ;)
These pieces are yet to be fired in, Im not sure how many of these will survive after firing. Hope you guys like them!! :)
I'm still in the learning lots need to be improved. Wish me good luck!!


Fish Lamp

Coil Pot


  1. This a truly awesome....very very neat....I m impressed....good work...keep it up...

    all the best...shabz

  2. Hey Shabbi..thanks a million ton for perpetually encouraging and motivating me through out my pottery you always :)
    BTW..pieces look neat in pictures...lot needs to be done for final finishing ;)

  3. wow pooo!!!
    Love them...and am absolutely glad that u took up pottery :D

    Good luck with with baking/firing :)

  4. Wow bhabhi...these are absolutely LOVELY, n i think quite commendable as your very first models!
    Keep up d good work.I know just this - u r putting ur heart into this...each one of them will HAVE TO SHINE1!!!

  5. Wow..poo...excellent! tu toh chupi rustam..i mean kalakaar nikli...great and wonderful surprise..i love all of them...i always wanted to learn pottery...main toh sochte hi reh gayi..aur toone baazi maarli..waah mere sher! Am too happy! :)

  6. Hey Anne, Jam, Aparna...
    Thank you Thank you Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for such lovely compliments
    Love you all!!


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