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Claying at 81

How would you react when someone says, "The last time I touched clay, I was just six years old...almost 75 years ago." The first thing you will do is quickly calculate the present age of the gentleman and feel blessed to meet such an inspiration. I felt equally delighted when I met  81 year kid Mr.   Shivrao Joshi. Why kid? Because his eyes were full of gleam like a 5 year old when he entered the studio! Mr Joshi visited us with his family to celebrate his son's birthday and he was the most excited participant of all. I could clearly see the joy on his face and actions.  He created a beautiful cradle style clay basket and a cute ganesha as well.  And that's not all.   After every workshop, participants help us in cleaning the workspace and tools. And he was the leader of all.  By the time, we all finished wrapping and cleaning the workstation for cake cutting, Mr Joshi continued the cleaning task and ensured that the tiniest piece of clay lying on table

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